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Government Jobs in Kapurthala District of Punjab - Kapurthala District Govt Jobs. Kapurthala is the managerial central station of Kapurthala District. Private Jobs in Kapurthala are also listed below.

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  • About Kapurthala
  • Kapurthala is a city in Punjab condition of India. Kapurthala was the capital of the Kapurthala State, a regal state in British India. The common and tasteful blend of the city with its conspicuous structures in view of French and Ind-Saracen design self-portray its august past. It is otherwise called city of Palaces and Gardens. It is the slightest populated city in India as per 2011 evaluation.
  • The City of Kapurthala has a few structures and places of intrigue connected to its nearby history.
  • The Kapurthala area is from numerous points of view a remarkable and congruous mix of the superb past, throbbing present and a promising future
  • In times to come, with arranged advancement, Kapurthala, with a cleaner and greener environment, can possibly be a superior and cleaner satellite expansion of Jalandhar, and can possibly pull in unlimited interests in urban improvement. What is required to understand this potential is the setting up of an autonomous Greater Kapurthala Development Authority, which could be the perfect system to define, raise assets and execute major urban advancement ventures, which is past the capacities of the Municipal Committees.
  • However for the District Administration, with a command to look after peace, lawfulness and encourage development and welfare of the residents, the plan is more emanant in the social division than monetary. 
  •  Medicate fixation issue of youth, which has accepted evil extents, and low sex proportion/female feticide issue, are twin social issues of Punjab which can impede whatever monetary success there is, and handling them is best motivation for the District Administration.