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Taking credit as a student - when does it make sense?

Tips editorial: A new laptop, the rental deposit or general study material. There are many things in the study that can lead to a financial bottleneck - When should you consider taking out a loan as a student?
Due to the persistently low interest rate phase, loans are currently unusually cheap , with various providers now giving 0% loans or even loans at negative interest rates, which tend to apply only to relatively low loan amounts.
But also "normal" loans are today easy to finance and thus offer the opportunity to get urgent purchases immediately . If, for example, the laptop gives up the ghost during the bachelor thesis or if you generally want a stronger machine to start your studies and also if, for example, the money is insufficient for a holiday or a rental deposit is required.

In fact, in some cases the low interest rate conditions are so favorable that it may even be worth considering a "normal" loan as an alternative to a traditional student loan.

Credit Student: example
Especially smaller loans between Rs.3000 and 30,000/- can be easily and unbureaucratically apply and offer good conditions. For example, if you take out a loan for Rs.3000/- with a maturity of 90 days, you only pay Rs.3075/- at the current effective annual interest rate of 14.99% .

Of course, you should always consider whether you can really finance a loan as a student and want, because, no matter how good the conditions are, it must of course be paid back in time. That's why you should plan ahead and have your own finances in good view .

Let's take the example of the laptop: Completely unproblematic would be an early purchase, if you know anyway that you would have the money together in three months. So instead of saving three months on Rs.5000/-, you use it to pay back the loan .