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What is a Student Loan?

Definitions - Student loan and study loan are used in a synonymous way and stand for a loan, which is to finance the livelihood during the study and / or possibly further costs (eg tuition fees). The peculiarity compared to a normal loan is that not in one go a large sum is awarded, but monthly payments are granted. 
Of education funds if the financing of the default risk of donors through a fund supported is spoken. In the US, there are education funds that are traded like ordinary securities. After a certain period of time, the whole carries itself in the best case, as well as repayments are received - but only if there are not too many failures.

An education fund is thus actually a possible financing instrument, as the money for the loans is raised. For the student borrower, it only makes a difference, although the repayment pursues a different model, as it is known from "normal" bank loans. This is usually the case in India: in almost all educational funds, the repayment is tied to the percentage of the income generated after graduation (but there are situations in which a "customary" rate repayment is switched, for example, in case of drop-out). Some providers speak in addition to education funds from the agreement. In order to emphasize the aspect that the whole thing is to be self-sustaining in the long term, and then that former recipients of the money by repayment allow others to also get part of the tuition costs financed. At the same time, it points out more strongly that the participants are also a kind of solidarity community, some of which repay more, others less (depending on their future income). The existing agreement models were developed at private universities in order to finance the tuition fees collected there.
If the other sources of student finance are dehydrated or insufficient, student loans or education funds may be a (further) option. Basically you should only resort to this, if you have no more favorable financing option (more) and as little as possible. We show the different alternatives and what to look for.
Student loans in comparison
Tip: No classic student loan, but if available (in the Bachelor from the 3rd semester, in the Master at any time - as long as not too long over standard period of study) before a student loan is the state educational loan from the Federal Office of Administration (application) and disbursement, At the end of your studies, a graduate loan may be cheaper.
And again, the reference to all financing options at a glance (not the slightly cheaper is overlooked!)
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