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LLB & MBA Not A Great Combo -


LLB Course

LLB or Bachelor of Legislative Law is an undergraduate law course which is spread into 6 Semesters as a 3-year Course. The Government of India has given an exemption of 6 years of maximum, to complete this course. The word LAW is associated with the corporate world and contemporary justice which shaped our constitution. LLB Course encompasses all the core subjects keeping the core values at the heart of the curriculum. Legal Principles, Procedures and Laws, Rules, and Regulations are so part of the syllabus that the training in court hearings are planned in cognition with the academics. This course combines an ideology of corporate governance and legal compliance which makes it a best go-to option for the Undergraduate aspirants.
There is an emotion to it, LLB is never considered just a degree perhaps it gives an individual the necessary legal knowledge to fight against the wrong deeds of all types in the society. There is a certain amount of security towards what an individual wants to support and hence no one ever messes with a lawyer, there is a prestige with the profession as we talk of Law.

Lets Encounter The Impact LLB Course Has On Our Society

There is a huge demand for lawyers all around the world, and they are very essential part of the patent battles as well. There's nothing to disagree that we all are bound by the law and Lawyers are the ones who suggest the Governments regarding the bills they pass, which in turn shapes our constitution. Also, Lawyers can practice law under Government or open a private law firm.

There is a huge demand for lawyers in these respective areas:

  • Colleges and Universities: Can teach the Law Graduates
  • Courts and Judiciary: Law Practitioner
  • MNC's: To fight patent battles for the company
  • Banks: To understand the Government Policies and to look for better solutions
 As a counterpart of B.Tech, we have M.Tech, same goes for LLB as well. There is a masters program which gives an in-depth knowledge of the core subjects which are covered in the LLB Course. A masters degree (LLM Course) can put a practitioner in an even better position as a Judge or maybe a Senior Lawyer for a million dollar conglomerate. A Masters degree is undoubtedly the best way to get into the limelight for a lawyer. LLM graduates are directly absorbed as Judges in District and State Courts according to their experience in the particular field.

What Does It Take To Become A Lawyer

If a person wants to become a lawyer, then he needs to have extremely good communication skills to convey and understand the Court hearings keenly. Listening is not the sole thing which makes everything work, the lawyer has to analyze, understand and present the facts to the jury which reflects his presentation skill as well. The skills related to analysis are extremely important to a successful lawyer, there are a 100 things attached to this as he also has to cross-check the facts produced by the witness. Apart from that, a lawyer has to face new situations on daily basis meeting new clients to bring them Justice.
There is absolutely no necessity for a person to pursue MBA after completing LLB Course. These two courses are good in their respective areas and the combination will not ring the right bells at the end of the MBA Course. MBA is a silver bullet for the business aspirants who want to be an entrepreneur in the long run. And MBA being the most popular degree in the world, it is easy to understand that until and unless you want to start any business, it will remain just as a degree. No recruiter in the world will look for an expert with both LLB & MBA Degree.
There Remains A Question Unanswered

Should I Pursue MBA, After LLB Course?

Graduating from undergraduate courses gives students an exposure of the basic knowledge which they need to know in a course. MBA is a Masters degree which gives an in-depth knowledge about the functionality of an organization and MBA Graduates go on to lead the company as CEO in the long run. An MBA degree is always immediately recognized because of the aspects it changes in an individual.
There is a misrepresentation that the value of an MBA Graduate is limited to Business and Management, it is indeed the way of life with a discipline. Knowledge without discipline is worth nothing, and there is also a saying
"Confidence comes from Discipline and Training".

The MBA Aftermath!

After pursuing MBA, Graduates have an accelerating start and there is no looking back from here. Some go on to head companies from CEO position, some start their own Startup's and the rest of them work in Reputed Organisations in Management Positions. They are the decision makers whom we can rely upon as the courses in the top MBA Colleges in Maharashtra is we established that it enhances the decision making skill and let them think in the most pressured situation to overcome the ambiguity. And an LLB Degree attached to MBA will make its way to easy for you to handle multiple roles and this combo will be considered for a higher payroll as well.

The best part about the best MBA colleges in Maharashtra is that the students always stick to their crafts and do what they are really good at. Given the proximity of Admissions, there are several courses to choose from, and it completely depends upon interests of an individual. LLB Graduates mostly take up Finance as a specialization in MBA. Life has got everything to offer, but it all depends upon an individual which way he wants to steer it.

"Dignity is to Manage for what Justice is to Law"